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Chiropractic Therapy For Back Pain
7 months ago


Chiropractic therapy is a growing field, and more people than ever are choosing to go to a chiropractor for their back pain. The number of people using this alternative method of treatment has been increasing steadily since it was first introduced over forty years ago. Chiropractic works by working with the body's natural defenses - the skeletal, muscular and nervous systems - to correct problems and alleviate symptoms. Some people think that chiropractors "put a brace on" or "pull a muscle," but in reality, they do no physical harm to the person, just to stimulate the healing process.


In addition to the regular therapy that a chiropractor provides, there are additional options when it comes to pain management. One such option is spinal decompression. With spinal decompression, your chiropractor will take your entire back, including all its nerves, ligaments, joints, and muscles, and stack them up and realign them in a different, healthier position. This can be done using the latest technology, and the results are astounding. People who experience pain that doesn't respond to the first treatment with drugs or surgery find that they are able to overcome their pain after spinal decompression therapy. Check out Elmhurst for top chiropractic therapy services or get the best Car Accident pain treatments.


Another option available to you through chiropractic therapy is spinal adjustments, or "managing pains." Through spinal adjustments, your chiropractor can manipulate your back so that it is better aligned so that the source of your back pain (which may be stress from a job you're not happy with, an injury, or simply aging) can be removed, thus reducing or eliminating the source of your pain. When your back pain goes away, it might take a little while. But after awhile, it will become less frequent and less severe. This is why many people, after seeing their chiropractor about their chronic back pain, find that they don't need to take medication or go through surgery - they found relief from their chiropractor!


One of the most popular types of chiropractic treatment for back pain is spinal manipulation, or adjustment. Some people feel that this is just a part of chiropractic treatment, but it's not. During a spinal manipulation, a qualified chiropractor will use their hands to realign your spine, which makes the muscles tighter and stronger so that you no longer feel pain when they move against the muscles of your body. You may feel a slight pressure or even a pinch, but after a while, you'll notice that you don't feel pain at that particular spot anymore.


One common problem is a herniated disc. A hernia occurs when something gets pinched between two bones in your spine, putting pressure on these bones and often causing pain. Chiropractic therapy for back pain includes manipulation - in one session, your chiropractor will manually realign the spine to relieve the pressure that is putting it under. Your doctor may also recommend physical therapy after your first session. This is a good time to ask questions about the severity of your injury, whether any medication you're taking is affecting your pain levels, and what your chiropractor's recommendations are for healing your injury.


Once your spine has been realigned, your chiropractor may recommend exercises to stretch the muscles and range of motion, as well as hot and cold packs to relieve pain. If your pain is severe, you may also be required to take over the counter medications to alleviate any discomfort while you perform your exercises and stretches. Chiropractic therapy for back pain isn't a quick fix. It requires dedication to get the most benefit for your back, and most patients find that it takes several months to reach maximum results. But because it works, it can be a very helpful tool to provide relief from back pain. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/work-ergonomics_n_1554038

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